DIY Trolls Themed Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated my niece's 4th birthday. She is currently obsessed with the Trolls movie so it was only right for her party theme to be Trolls.



I purchased the signs on the frame from Etsy. Both signs came together a long with a few others that I ended up not using. The signs were only $2.50 and then I spent $1.70 printing them up at staples. The larger chalk frame, I already had from a previous party, and the pink frame I purchased gold at the dollar tree and spray painted it in pink. The entire project cost less than $5, plus the cost of the spray paint which we used for multiple decor in the party. So glad we did it as it gave a little extra Trolls touch to the party.


These adorable headbands were made by my sister. She found an easy tutorial on YouTube and it took only an hour to make 18 headbands. The tulle and headbands were purchased at Walmart. The headbands were $3 for 8 and the tulle was about $1.90 per color. The little flowers used on some of the head bands was purchased at the dollar spot section at Target. These were about $3 for a pack of 6.



The "Madi" sign on the wall was also a Pinterest idea. The fans were regular party fans hot glued together. We purchased two packs of Trolls photo props at a local party store (Eastfield Mall) and used one pack for some of the projects including this one. The letters and the number 4 was also purchased at this same store and hot glued/taped on.



The cupcake stand was spray painted in pink and we then sprinkled glitter all around it to give it a special Trolls look. After all, what's a Trolls party without glitter?



The cake stand was also spray painted and we also sprinkled some glitter on the top. Unfortunately, both of our regular bakers were booked for the weekend as we waited too long to order, but my sister ended up baking all of the cupcakes and cake on her own and it really could not have been more perfect. She used Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix, colored Pillsbury Funfetti frosting and used a ziplock bag to make the frosting in the cupcakes have a troll hair affect to it. She then used an entire big bottle of sprinkles and covered the entire cake with it. I found the pink Happy Birthday cake topper and the candle at Target and it gave it the perfect touch... simple but cute!



We decorated the cake/sweet table with Troll dolls my niece had received for Christmas. Colorful candy was added to the table and we used some of the Troll hair photo props, mentioned above, and taped them on to the candy buckets.



This photo section was also a Pinterest idea. We pushpin plastic table covers on the top and my mom made the cloud look with white balloons using fish net string to string them together. We also placed the pink  foil curtain on the back of the table covers and pulled them out towards the front. The Happy Birthday foil balloon was purchased at Party city and taped on.




The tables were decorated with different color tablecloths and my mom made these centerpieces with small colorful balloons. The top big balloon was purchased at the party store at the local mall. We later learned you can get similar Trolls balloons at the dollar tree for much cheaper.



Colorful balloons, as well as the clear balloons with the confetti, were sprinkled around the room.



We had a great time and most importantly my niece loved her Trolls party!

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