Top 10 Baby Items We Can't Be Without

Discretion: This post contains affiliate links and I may make a very small profit off any links clicked on and purchased. However, this post is not sponsored. I am not getting paid from the brands mentioned below. All opinions are 100% honest and my personal opinions, as they always are, whether sponsored or not.

With two boys, and having been a mom for over 5 years now, I have tried a ton of products and brands. I remember with my first born, I thought I needed everything in the store, and there was so many options and brands that I felt overwhelmed. I wrote a blog post a few months ago on my top 6 baby registry items (if you haven't read it you can do so here) but for this blog post I want to share my top 10 items that you don't normally think of when doing your registry, or even after the baby is born. Below is a list of my top 10 baby items!



1. Aquaphor


I love Aquaphor and have been using it since my 5 year old was a baby and still use it now. Not only is it good for moisturizing skin, and the best for eczema and dry skin, but also dry lips, cuts and scrapes, and minor diaper rashes. Our entire family uses Aquaphor now since it is good for so many things, and super sensitive on baby's skin.


2. Aveeno



I have tried a lot of different baby washes and Aveeno has by far always won. It is a more affordable option than some of the "organic" and super expensive options, but still just as effective. Both my babies had super sensitive skin and Aveeno was the only affordable option they could use that didn't produce any rashes or bumps.


3. Up and Up Wipes



I have purchased and used a ton of different brands for wipes, but hands down, Target's Up and Up Sensitive brands have remained my favorite for over 5 years now. They are not only affordable, but really are good for sensitive skin, light and soft and the wipes do not feel like they are going to dissolve in your hands like some of the other brands. Literally my favorite to this day (Honest Wipes takes 2nd place on this one).


4. Mini Crib



Ok, I know a crib is an obvious baby purchase, but let me tell you about the mini crib! I do not own one as I just became aware of them, however, if I have another baby, this will be our next crib. Not only do they save space, especially for smaller homes or shared rooms, but also, what baby actually needs that much space? My soon to be 2 year old only uses half of the crib. So there it goes, mini crib for the win!


5. Lilipadz Reusable Nursing Padz




This is for you breast feeding mamas. I was an over producer, and I would fill my brawl up with a crap load of nursing pads that would stink like spoiled milk after a bit and still went through my top (along with making my already over size breast look even bigger). It got so bad, that for the first month of breast feeding my first born, I never left my house, to the point of depression. That was until I discovered this genius invention. First off, it gently sticks to your nipple and does not hurt at all when you remove it. It stops milk from spilling out and at my worst, only needed one nursing pad in case of a small spillage. Also, I saved a ton of money because unlike the pads, they are reusable and washable. I used them for my second baby too and recommend it to everyone.


6. Boogy wipes



These are great for when your little one has a runny nose. They are super soft and gentle and are made with saline. Takes the boogies right out without having to wipe too much.


7. Boudreaux's Butt Paste



Diaper rashes will happen, and when it does you'll be thanking me when you use this product to heal your baby's bum. It is super thick and works miracles even after just one use. Way better than any other type of diaper rash ointment I've ever used, and trust me I've tried almost 10 different kinds.


8. Forhead Thermometer



If your baby is anything like my Nox, they are going to hate getting their temperature checked, which will happen more often than you think. The only way we can properly check his temperature without torturing him, is using a forhead thermometer. There are quite a few options and brands out there, and honestly, any one will do.


9. MAM Bottles

I know I already mentioned this in my last baby blog post, but they are so good they deserve another mention. These were literally the only bottles my baby would take as an infant. The nipple on this bottle, in my opinion, is as close as it gets to the real thing. Also, the bottom of the bottle removes for easy cleaning and makes it a lot easier to boil to disinfect! The bottles come in pink, baby blue and cream.



10. Medela Breast Pump

Although Pumps are an obvious choice, what you may not know is that now, most insurances will cover the cost of a breast pump due to the Affordable Care Act. Make sure to call your insurance before the baby is due and inquire about this. I was able to get my breast pump paid at full coverage and about 2 months before baby was due.

Now what you also may not know, is that Target has a breast pump program. With this program, you are able to get your pump right from Target store or have it delivered straight to your door and Target will assist with all of the insurance billing etc.. Read here for more on this program. I was able to take full advantage of this program and it really was a great and easy experience.

For savings, make sure to download the Target app and use their cartwheel and target card. Cartwheel can be combined with sales and promotions for even more savings! Target also has two options for their cards, a credit card and a debit card. The debit card is very simple and does not pull your credit. You simply sign up with your bank account information that will then be linked with your Target debit card. The money you spend at Target will then be deducted right out of your bank account as if you had used a check. You get a ton of perks with both cards including free shipping all year round and 5% off your entire purchase every time you shop using any of the cards. 




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