The Ultimate Kid's Summer Bucket List

Most of us are now halfway through summer break, and I am sure everyone is running out of ideas to keep their children entertained. My boys are not in summer camp so I am always looking for fun things to do to fill up our schedule. I have created a Kid's Summer bucket list to help us get through the rest of the summer. Show it to your children to get them excited to put some check marks next to some of these items. Have fun and keep cool!

Ultimate Kid's Summer Bucket List

1. Water balloon fight

2. Go to the beach

3. Collect Seashells

4. Go to the park

5. Visit a Zoo

6. Go bike riding

7. Go for a hike

8. Make s'mores

9. Stay up very late one night

10. Have a sleepover

11. Go to a waterpark

12. Go to a BBQ

13. Take a mini road trip

14. Blow Bubbles

15. Play in a puddle

16. Go to the movies

17. Visit a library

18. Make a summer craft

19. Eat a funnel cake

20. Go to a museum

21. Make lemonade

22. Go fishing

23. Float in a pool

24. Camp in the backyard

25. Visit a Farmer's Market

26. Go on a picnic

27. Go bowling

28. Go skating

29. Play ball

30. Draw with sidewalk chalk