How To Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

Spring is all about projects and refreshing your home in and out. My husband loves spring because he’s able to work on outside projects, and I love spring because I get to freshen up the house and give it a new look. Especially after those ugly winter months. You know what I mean, the ugly stage between Christmas and Spring where your house just looks bare and boring.

As much as I would love to completely decorate, it is pretty pricey to do so. Instead, I make a few changes around the house, here and there to give it a new look. Below are my tips on how freshen up your house for Spring on a budget.


1. Clean and De-clutter

The very first step is to clean and de-clutter your home. This includes wiping down walls, doors, etc..


2. Flowers and plants

I like to add a combination of real and faux flowers. You can purchase inexpensive plants at your local grocery stores as well as flowers. As much as I love real flowers, they die after a few days and it gets expensive to replace them. I like to use baby's breaths instead because they last weeks and still make your home look fresh and cute.  I also like to take advantage of Michael’s sales and stock up on faux flowers to make my own arrangements such as the picture below. I found these cute vases at the dollar tree and mixed up the flowers I found at Michael's to make arrangements. Try using greenery and faux plants instead of flowers to change up the look of these vases as well.



3. Decorative pillows

Changing up your decorative throw pillows is a great way to change up the look of your home. It gets expensive to purchase all new throw pillows so you can either buy just the cover for a lot cheaper online, such as Amazon, or you can make your own pillows. My mom made these pillows for me out of placemats. I found this four pack of placemats at Homegoods for about $12 and purchased a bag of stuffing at Walmart. My mom then carefully pulled the seam off of the corner of the placemats, stuffed them with the filler and then sewed them back up. You can also use fabric glue if you prefer instead of sewing them up.



4. Inexpensive Wall decor

Sometimes all you need is a new wall decor to change up the look of the home. It doesn’t have to be huge and  expensive to look cute either. This Cafe sign I found at Big Lots for only $5. I also found a farmhouse style sign at Michael's. Originally it was $20 but I used one of their 40% coupons found on their website and was able to get it for only $12.



5. Move furniture and decorations around

Finally, move your furniture around to give the home an entirely new look. You can also move decorations around from room to room and even kitchen gadgets. I changed up all of my kitchen gadgets around, and that along with the new wall decor and the fresh babies breath really changed the look and feel of my kitchen!