How To Take Control Of Your Clutter and Messy Home

Now that we are officially into Spring, I have been using my time to really get my house together. One of the things I really like to do at the beginning of the season is to deep clean and de-clutter my house. This is especially true this year since I am adopting the minimalist lifestyle and I made it my new year resolution to become more organized.

Below are a few tips on how I organize my spring cleaning and de-cluttering without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Make a Plan

List every room in your house and what you want to accomplish for each room. Check back on this list often throughout the days to make sure you are on track with your goals.


2. Get in the mood

Whether it’s blasting the music as I prefer to do, or even watching youtube videos on other moms cleaning (yes it’s a real thing check it out), do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of that lazy funk and in the mood to clean.  Also, stock up on new cleaning supplies. This might sound weird, but there’s nothing like brand new cleaning supplies and candles to get me in the mood to clean.


3. Do one room at a time

I work on a room at a time spacing it out throughout the days, even if that means just doing a junk drawer, or reorganizing my kitchen cabinets one day. Dividing up the work helps make it more manageable and less overwhelming.


4. Move furniture around

Move the furniture to clean behind and get rid of all dust from your home, and even grab those nerf gun bullets that seem to sneak into every little corner.


5. Group like things together

Group like things together such as hair supplies, nail care, makeup, jewelry, etc. and keep them all together.


6. Make sure everything you own has a spot

Find a spot for each category and ensure everything you own has a spot where it belongs. Since I have limited space, I place all of my hair care items into a bin and place it under the bathroom sink. I also have a personal care basket where I also keep my zip lock bag and nail care and place it in my bed frame drawer. Also, get creative with space and organization. For example, this jewelry storage organizer I found at five below and placed all of my jewelry into it and hung up in my closet.



7. Get rid of the things you no longer use, like or have multiples of

As I work on each corner of the home, I’m not only cleaning, dusting, and reorganizing, but I’m also getting rid of everything I no longer use, like or have multiples of. For example, those pair of jeans with a whole you seem to be emotionally attached to, your prom dress, and the 50 coffee mugs you have stuffed in your kitchen drawers, the 5 year old makeup… you get the point!


8. Get rid of the stuff you don’t want ASAP.

Letting them sit around in your house will make you change your mind and you’ll end up wanting to keep these things you really don’t need. Also, if you don't hurry and get rid of it, it will remain in the corner of the room for months and will become one of those to do list items that never get done. So make sure if you are pulling things to get rid of, that you give yourself time to physically get it out of your home. This is why I also prefer to work corner by corner, it makes de-cluttering that much more manageable.