How To Survive A Road Trip With Little Ones

Driving with little ones is very difficult and going on a long road trip seems impossible. Well we did the impossible, we somehow managed to get 3 cars filled with 6 adults, 6 children and two infants to Myrtle Beach.

The drive is supposed to take about 13 hours without stops. Naturally, with a party this big we ended up making multiple bathroom stops so it took us 18 hours to get to our destination.



We decided to leave at night since we wanted to have the kids sleeping for as much as possible during the car ride. Yes driving at night is very tiring but we would rather be tired than overwhelmed by crying, impatient little ones.

Right before leaving I gave the boys a bath and put them in comfy pajamas as if they were getting ready for bed. In the car I packed pillows and blankets, gave the baby his night bottle and his pacifier and Jax his IPad to watch a movie, some snacks and a drink.



We headed out at 9pm and as I thought, Lennox (my 1 yr old) was asleep within the hour and Jax (4 years old) watched a movie and fell asleep at about 11pm. They pretty much slept the entire night which is exactly what we were hoping for. Most of the stops we made at night were for the adults to switch drivers as we were tired and took turns napping.

At about 7 am all of the kids started waking up so we made a stop in Virginia, had them used the bathroom and bought them donuts and juice. We then stopped again at about 9:30am just 3 exits before getting to North Carolina. We we went to an IHOP express to eat breakfast, used bathrooms again and let the kids run around for a few minutes to burn energy. We explained to them that we were only four hours away from the beach so they needed to eat well and used the bathroom so that we didn't have to make any more stops.



We drove for four hours straight, which were probably the most difficult with the kids as they were now getting impatient. Still 4 out of 18 hours worth of whining was not that bad! They honestly did really well and I am so proud of how good and patient they were.


We are now on vacation and the road trip was very much worth it. The kids are having a blast and so are we! Stay tuned for the next post later on this week as I'll be posting a guide to a kids friendly Myrtle Beach trip.