Little Known Ways To Provide Party Entertainment On A Budget

Birthday party entertainment can really make a party memorable for both the kids and the adults. There are so many options now, from bounce houses to magicians, face painters, balloon artists, clowns, I mean the list just goes on and on. I always aim to have between 1-3 types of entertainment for the children, but it can get very expensive. On this post I want to share my tips on how to have entertainment at a kid's birthday party while on a budget.

1.Search/ ask around for people who have different skills and will work at a kid's birthday party for a fraction of the price of hiring professional businesses that do birthday parties for a living. Whether it's a relative, a friend who is a little crafty or artistic, or even a local makeup artists that can also face paint.

2. Buy costumes and have your family pose as the characters. We have done this for  quite a few parties and not only do the kids love it, but the adults have a blast with it too. We just purchase the costumes for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire professional characters and I then sell the costumes later on, along with left over party supplies, to make some of my money back.


Note: You can sell/buy used party items on sites such as Mercari, Ebay and even local Facebook sites. I post it up for a very good price, usually 25% of what I paid, and it always sells very quickly. For my last party I ended up making $50 back for things I would have just thrown out. Not only did I sell it fast, but I had a "line" of about 10 other moms wanting to purchase in case the buyer backed out. Definitely look into it!

3. I use to go on websites such as Gigmaster, etc. to find entertainment and would end up paying a lot of money for them. For the babies' 1st birthday party, I really wanted a puppeteer, but everywhere I searched they were charging a ton of money to come and perform. I ended up going on Craigslist as a last resort. Under services I typed party and guess what I found? I actually found a local puppeteer. I could not believe it! So definitely check out Craiglist because there are a lot of local people advertising for party services, usually for a fraction of the price that you would pay. My suggestion would be to ask a lot of questions to make sure it's legit, and use paypal to put down a deposit just in case.

4. Take advantage of bounce house/party rental specials during their slower time. Also, during the spring, many local party renters will begin advertising their business again due to the warmer weather. During this time they usually promote a book now, save later sale that could really save you money in the long run. There are so many options for party rentals so really search around for the best prices before booking.

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