How We Saved Money By Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets

It has been exactly one year since we moved into our rehab home. We have learned so much about home ownership, renovation and rehab this past year. I am not going to lie, its been a lot of hard work, and still have a bit of work to do and complete on our home. If you haven't checked out my very first blog post "5 Things We Wished We Would Have Known... Our Rehab Home Journey" click here.

I have gotten questions about our cabinets and wanted to use this blog post to answer a few of those questions. First, we did not get new cabinets. Our cabinets were in pretty good condition and we could not afford to replace them so we decided to paint them and add a few things to give them a fresh new look. Not only did we love how it came out, but we were able to save thousands of dollars by doing them this way. Below is a little tutorial on how we achieved this.



Step 1: Remove all of the doors from the cabinets. We made the mistake of not numbering them which came back to bite us when it was time to put them back, as it took us a little bit to figure out which went where. We suggest you  number the doors to the cabinets to avoid this. Also, you need quite a bit of space to place all of the cabinet doors on, especially if you have a lot of cabinets like we did. Thankfully, we did this while we were not living in the house so space was not a problem for us.



Step 2: Clean and/or sand the cabinets. We did not sand down our cabinets, instead we used a Sander Deglosser and a Brillo pad to clean them really good.



Step 3: Apply Primer. Started off by using a water based primer and realized it wasn't working as well so we switched over to an oil based primer that worked really well. Each side had two layers of primer. We suggest you wait at least a few hours between coats and at least a day before you flip the doors over to the other side.

Step 4: Paint the cabinets. To paint the cabinets we actually purchased a couple of different types of paints and after a few layers decided we were not happy with the color. We finally purchased the Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic paint in Extra White and that became our winner.  To avoid brush marks, we painted the majority of them with a small roller for smooth surfaces. This not only reduced the brush marks but also helped it go faster. We also used Floetrol that we added to the paint which also helps in reducing brush marks.



Step 4: Replace or paint the hinges. We decided to save money, we would spray paint the hinges instead of fully replacing them. We used a glossy metallic silver spray paint and they came out perfect.

Step 5: Put the cabinets back together. After waiting a few days for the cabinets to fully dry and cure, we placed the hinges and doors back on the cabinets. We really do recommend you fully let them cure before you start to use them. At this point I'm sure you'll be dying to get your kitchen back together, but trust me, it will be worth the wait.

Step 6: Cabinet knobs/hardware. Our cabinets did not have any knobs. Because the cabinets are on the taller side we ended up going with these below. The hardware comes with instructions and template sheet to ensure they are all even. We simply just followed the directions and used a ruler to ensure they were all even.



So that was it! It's not hard at all just very time consuming. However, if we had to do it all over again, we certainly would. Our cabinets have been painted for a year now and still holding strong.