Mother's Day Recap 2018

Yesterday we hosted Mother's Day at my house and I have to say it was probably the best Mother's Day to date. This year we have a lot of extended family in town as I have a lot of family here this year from my father's side from Puerto Rico that fled the island after hurricane Maria, and my husband has family in town that recently came from Dominican Republic. The idea of dividing ourselves into three was overwhelming so we decided to host instead so that we could have all three families under one roof.


I know what you might be thinking, hosting and three sides of family all in one roof? How is that not overwhelming? But it really was not bad. We really enjoy hosting and it comes naturally to us. The only thing that we did differently this time that took a lot of planning was roasting a pig. My husband spent all week preparing our yard that needs so much work still (read our rehab home journey here) and getting all of the materials needed to roast the pig. As hesitant as I was about it, it came out really good and was the best I had ever tasted. I am so glad I went along with it.



Of course besides some traditional food, every Puerto Rican/Dominican get together had to include some dominoes and beers. 



It was so fun introducing my family to each other, "cousin, meet my cousin, and "brother meet my brother". Fun fact, I am the only child from both my mom and dad, however, I have five siblings on my mom's side and eight on my father's side. The boys also really enjoyed having so many children to play with.  Having a big family can get a little crazy at times but I would not trade it for anything. Having a big family has made me patient, and taught me a lot about problem solving and how to share, compromise and forgive. See below for a few pictures of the event. I wasn't able to capture everyone there.