What's In My Mom Purse

As soon as the baby turned one, and I didn't have to carry around water and formula, I was dying to get rid of my diaper bag. A diaper bag is convenient but honestly not very fashionable at all so I couldn't wait to transfer over. Well, I just recently got rid of our baby bag and replaced it with a new purse that I found at New York and Company.

I had been searching for an affordable purse to replace my diaper bag for a while now but couldn't find one that I loved. All of the purses I looked at were either too big, too small, not enough pockets, no privacy zipper, etc. Well, not only do I love the sleek and modern look of this purse , but also all of the different pockets and compartments that is perfect for storing everything.


New York and Company  now on sale for $39 and available in both black and white.

The middle pocket zips up and is large and perfect for hiding all of the small items. So what exactly do I carry in my purse once the baby is older? I try to keep it pretty basic while still carrying our main essentials.