Lighting Up An Old Dark Home

Finding and fixing our first home has been a very long and tiring process. As soon as I entered to see the house for the very first time, after seeing dozens, I saw something I had not seen in all the others. This house, although old and super outdated, was open concept and had big windows surrounding the entire home. We often get asked if we knocked down walls to make it open concept, but no, this was how it was built, clearly ahead of its time.

Before of kitchen with my Nox when he was just a few months old.



So with these great bones, we really had to look past a lot of ugly. The house, despite having big windows, was actually very dark. Between the old dark wood (not just in the kitchen but on the walls), the ugly wall paper, old brown fans that looked like they were going to fall on us at any moment. And let me not get started on the nasty blue carpets. Talk about the nastiest thing I ever had to touch, yes touch! Who do you think removed them out of the house?

Before of living room



Our number one goal was to really lighten up the home and make it look fresh and updated. Below are some tips on how we achieved this.

First, we started by covering the windows and renting a paint sprayer from Home Depot and literally spraying the entire house. Every single room, from top to bottom (including our cabinets) were sprayed down. This actually made the house look much bigger and open.

We chose paint and color palettes throughout the house that were light and neutral and kept the floors a little darker so that it wasn't too light (minus the boy's room where we did a color block design with white and navy and stained the floors with white wash stain). If you aren't able to do much in your home, painting alone can really do wonders.


Although we debated long and hard about the color of our cabinets, we decided to go with white in both the kitchen and bathroom. Making the cabinets white made the space feel clean, updated and spacious. White cabinets also bounces light which helps make the space look brighter.



I love letting the natural light come in through the windows, so we chose large white blinds that we could easily close at night. I felt that the blinds alone made the house look too white and plain so I decided to add darker curtains on the sides of the windows to add a little contrast.


Lighting really is everything! We changed the lighting fixtures in the home for new modern ones and it instantly made the house look more modern.



So with a few changes here and there, it is possible to lighten up a home and make it look fresh again. To learn more about our rehab journey click here.