Letter To My Younger Self

I AM ALMOST 30! I am typing this and seriously can not believe that in a few days I will be 30 years old. Time has seriously flown right by me. I feel like it was just yesterday I graduated college and got married, and had a child, and had a second child, and bought a house... Actually, now that I am writing this, maybe it hasn't flown by.  When I think about where I am now vs. where I was on my 21st birthday, I guess life has been happening and I was so caught up in it that I hadn't realized it.

21 year old Miri


As I am sitting here, really kind of in shock of my reality. I realized how much I've grown up to be exactly the woman I dreamed of being. I think about my teenage self, a dreamer, desperately wanting to just be happy and successful in life. I was so full of anxiety, uncertainty and lacked confidence.

High school Senior Miri


My teenage self was not a "regular teenager". I was a "goody touchy", focused on nothing but my future. People might think that was a good thing, but it kind of wasn't. I was so scared of messing up, full of anxiety and scared any wrong move would be the ruin of my success and my dreams.

I was so caught up with my dreams of success that I almost forgot to live
— Miri

I never went out with my friends (even after being invited a million times), I never went to parties or sports games, or did normal teenage stuff. If I could, I would write a letter to my younger self that would look like this...


Dear Mirialys,

Breath! Relax and have fun because before you know it you will be a grown up, with responsibilities and you would have looked back and realized that life isn't that serious when you're this young. Before you know it, you will be grown, with a job and kids and a husband and bills and more responsibility that you could ever imagine. So take advantage now.

That 5 and 10 year plan you have, it's great and keep it, but try not to be so hard on yourself if something doesn't go according to that plan. God knows what he is doing and his time is perfect. Maybe it takes a little while longer to achieve it, but eventually it will come, and when it does you would have realized how perfect the timing was. 

Those dreams of "succes" you have, you will come to realize that success is not necessarily measured by the kind of job you have, or how much money you have. Success will mean a lot of things to different people and you my dear, will soon find that out! Keep dreaming and making goals, but realize that things will not always go according to that plan. You will make changes along the way, and that doesn't mean you have failed, it means you have evolved!

Those insecurities you have, throw them away. You are smart, and pretty and funny. KNOW YOUR WORTH! Those kids that look like they have everything, they're not better than you. Sometimes people portray an image of something they are not. Be true to yourself and you will eventually surround yourself with people you can't live without!


Your 30-year-old self!