Mamarazzi: How To Capture Those Kodak Moments

As a mother of two, I am constantly taking pictures of my babies. You can just call me the mamarazzi! During my oldest son's first year of life,  I worked so much and barely took any pictures of him. I regret it so much as I often look back at the boys past pictures and I just don't have many of Jax before his first year. I am now making up for it and take an abundance of pics of the boys.

I often get questions about the kind of apps I use and how I am able to make my pictures so clear. Although I am far from being a professional, and my photos can absolutely improve, I wanted to share a few little tips I have learned these past few years using nothing but my iPhone and a few apps.

1. Lighting is everything! Photos are best when taken with natural light and especially outdoors during bright sunny days.

2. I have to take many, many pictures in order to get one good shot.

3. Get down to the child's level to take photos.

4. Hold the phone steadily to help avoid blurs.

5. Make sure that there aren't many things in the background or that it's not too busy of a background.

6. Finally, use apps to help brighten and enhance your photos.

I love babypicsapp and mostly used it during the baby's first year. It is a great way to capture all of your baby's milestones.



Finally, I use the Snapseed app for about 90% of my photos. By far my favorite photo editor.