How To Save Time And Money On Party Invitations

My oldest son's 5th birthday is less than a week away and I've been busy getting ready for it all. With 5 years of personal party planning, I've picked up a few tricks that I wanted to share with other parents who may be planning their children's birthday party. The first tip is using PDF invitations instead of traditional paper invitations.



First, I no longer purchase invitations and send them out (with the exception of his classmates as that was the only way to invite them). I find this to be a waste of time and money. Lets be honest, we all know we take one look at the invite and then either toss it or misplace it. I was finding myself answering a ton of text messages the day of asking for the address and time. So instead what I do is that I purchase pdf invites on Etsy. This is not only saving me money on invitations, but also stamps and all of the time required to get addresses and personalize each envelope to be sent out, or gas and time to personally deliver them.



To purchase the invitation on Etsy, all you have to do is search for the themed invitation desired, pick which one you want, purchase the invitation and in the notes section before payment confirmation, enter your personal information. The shop owner will custom make the invitation with your info and send it to you via pdf file to your email usually within 24 hours.



After I purchase the invitation, I save it to my camera roll as a picture and send it to all of my family and friends. I also create a Facebook event and uploaded the picture of the invitation. This is super convenient because I can communicate with all of them at the same time by writing on the event wall if need be.



I also keep the invitation saved to my camera roll until the day of. This way, when I get texts asking for event details, I simply send the photo to them which takes seconds. I know how busy we can get running around the day of the party, so trust me, seconds vs minutes will make a difference.

Finally, what I like about pdf invitations is that you can always go to your preferred print shop and print out a number of desired invitations or print them up from home. This way if you need 5 printed invitations and don't want to purchase a set amount (as you usually would) you can save money. This year my son wanted to invite his class, so I had them printed out at staples for a decent price and sent them to his school.

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