4 Tips On A Successful Family Photo Shoot

My family and I spent New Years Eve day doing a small photo shoot. It was something I have been wanting to do for almost two years now, as the last time we took family pictures was when I was pregnant with my little Nox. That was 2 years ago, so you know it was long overdue.

When one of my good friends, Pam, told me she wanted to take our family photos I was thrilled. Pam is very patient with little ones and a hubby who hates photos. We honestly did not give her much to work with. Not only were the boys and hubby over taking pictures after literally 3 minutes, but on top of that it was a freezing cold, cloudy day and a location with pretty dim lighting.

I told Pam if we could just get one good picture in I would be happy under the circumstances. The fact that she was able to get quite a few really awesome shots really went above and beyond my expectations. Follow Pam on Instagram @pamela_cristal.

So here are my tips when taking family photos...

  1. Coordinate outfits so that it's not to matchy but they all compliment each other. Look on line for ideas. I wanted to go for a really classic look, and since we were already dressing up for New Years, it seemed like perfect timing.

  2. Schedule your shoot around meals and naps. Children will most likely not be in to it for too long either way, but trust me when I tell you that tired and hungry will make it much worse.

  3. Take all of your front facing photos and portraits in the very beginning before everyone starts to get impatient.

  4. Interact as a family and move around. Not only will the children and hubby not feel so forced, but you get the best off guard family photos this way.