How To Use Ebay To Buy Trendy Clothes On A Budget

I am always looking for cute and trendy clothing items for our boys, but as many mom of boys know, it is just not any easy task. The girls department is filled with an abundance of options but for the boys there are very little options and mostly everything just seems plain and boring.

I do a lot of Instagram shopping (window shopping at least) and although I try to support local moms, with two boys, it gets really pricey to shop handmade all of the time. Also, many of these mommy ran instagram shops are now selling a lot of their items that come from overseas but charging two to three times the price that you would find right on eBay. So instead of buying $40 moccs or $25 trendy shorts that they are just going to outgrow in a few months, I do a lot of my shopping on eBay. (This blog contains affiliate links)

I found these cute summer harem shorts on EBay for just $3-$4 each.



How I styled a pair of these shorts.



I am obsessed with these moccs for babies. They are so cute and comfy, stay on their chubby feet and best of all they go with everything. Tons of styles and colors available if you search well enough. And for only $3-$5... I'll take one of each color please!!!


These bibdanas were my fav for baby Nox and you can find tons of affordable options for accessories. Also, I purchased these sunglasses for souvenirs for Jax's birthday party last year.


These are just some of my favorites but you can find hundreds of different clothing items, shoes, accessories and even cute stylish socks! (Click here to see more) Keep in mind that some fading may occur on the clothing after a few washes. Also, the material may be thinner (which is great for the summer but not so great in the winter). Sizing for both clothes and shoes may be a little off, usually running big, so make sure to look at size charts. And finally, it is coming from over seas so it may take about a month or so for you to get your items, but if you plan ahead you'll get it just in time. Make sure to take a look at estimated delivery date, it is pretty accurate. I have personally had  pretty good luck with my purchases, and for the price I'm paying, I'm willing to take the small risk!