Dominican Republic Trip Recap

We just returned from a 10 day trip to the Dominican Republic. My husband, the kids and I had so much fun, it left hubby and I wondering what the heck took us so long to visit the Island.

We took an overnight flight to Santiago, DR which was not as tiring as I thought it would be. Because it was late, the kids slept right through the flight which allowed us to get some sleep as well. When we arrived, my brother-in-law and his wife were waiting for us with open arms.

We spent the next 5 days at the Lifestyle Resort and Spa in Puerto Plata where my in- laws work. The first two days they worked but were able to visit us from time to time and we were able to get some much-needed rest and enjoy the pool and beach which worked out perfectly. The grounds are absolutely beautiful with a ton of options for recreational activities and restaurants.

On Sundays the Resort throws a beautiful outdoors welcome dinner party. This candlelight dinner is accompanied with a concert filled with different types of music and performers. The concert ended with a big dance party which was so much fun. Because we were alone with the kids, hubby and I could not dance so we were dancing in our seats and singing along to the music. One of the guests next to us saw us and offered to carry the baby for us so we could at least have one dance together. It was the sweetest thing in the world and meant so much to us. We then made friends with all of the neighboring tables and had a blast talking with them.

The rest of our time in Puerto Plata we were able to spend with our in-laws and our little niece. We visited family, drove around town, and were able to see where my husband lived and went to school. He has talked so much about his childhood so it was really cool to be able to see all these places in person, and finally connect his stories and memories visually. It really meant so much to us all.

Jaxon was able to really get in the middle of the culture which we loved. He played with the children and somehow communicated with them as they spoke Spanish to him (he doesn't know much Spanish, I know we need to change that). He was able to see all the people driving in scooters "motoconchos" which is a very common form of transportation in the island and he even got to ride on one in the parking lot (very, very slow of course per my request). The best part was getting "treasure" gold money coins from daddy and seeing the "monopoly" colorful bills that is used in the Island. Jaxon also ate natural fruit right from the trees, and his favorite, platanos (plantains) and fresh caught fish.


During the middle of our stay, we all ended up getting sick. I hear this is quite common when visiting foreign countries. Luckily it did not last long and we were able to enjoy the rest of our trip. I definitely recommend you bring pepto when traveling outside of the country, especially with little ones.

The last 5 days of our trips we traveled 6 hours to the other side of the Island, Punta Cana, to celebrate two of our very close friends who were getting married. We stayed at the Dreams Resort and Spa Uvero Alto and had so much fun bonding with all of our close friends. We were not able to spend too much time at the resort as we had a pretty busy schedule with the wedding. Our favorite part was definitely the big pool where we lounged for hours and took advantage of the walk up pool bar.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Jax made the cutest ring bearer! We danced for hours and ended the night in the venue's pool with our gowns. One of the best nights of our lives, and definitely a memorable one.

The day after the wedding, we went on a party boat ride. Luckily we did not get sea sick and were able to enjoy ourselves thanks to our big village of friends who took turns helping us out with the kids, especially Jaxon. It really does take a village to raise a child! Our favorite part was the big slide off the boat into the ocean. Jaxon is our little fish and is not scared of the water one bit. He loved sliding down in the ocean and all the adults took turns sliding down and waiting for him to come down and help back up into the boat. Again, shout out to my village.

On Sunday we relaxed in the pool and packed up. Due to the storm in New England, our flights were cancelled and we ended up leaving Monday instead. At the airport, they actually had a bounce house that kept the boys entertained while we waited to board. The flight back was not bad at all and the boys slept a big chunk of the way. Read my last blog post here for tips on flying with children.

I learned two very big things from the Dominican natives. First, they know how to party, I mean really party, and do not need an excuse to do so either because everyday is a celebration, literally (LOL). The second thing is that they are the MOST hospitable people I have ever met. I mean talk about making your guests feel at home! We cannot wait to go back!