Boys Fashion: How To Make Distressed Shorts

In honor of Earth Day, I want to share how I make my boys distressed shorts using their outgrown jeans. This not only helps the environment because you're upcycling something you would have probably thrown out, but also the wallet $$$.  A pair of trendy distressed toddler shorts can run you from $15-$30.



Last year I decided I was going to start making my own jeans instead of purchasing them from Instagram shops. At the beginning of the summer I took all of my 4 year old's (and even a pair of my infant's) long pants, jeans and even his khaki uniform bottoms he was outgrowing, and started cutting them up.



Some jeans I distressed and bleach, others I just cut and let the strings flare out. They look super cute and trendy and best of all I barely had to buy him new shorts for the summer.


Here are step by step instructions on how I achieved some of these looks.

1. Look up pictures of distressed shorts you like for inspiration. Their obviously not going to come out exactly the same but just so you have an idea.

2. Measure and cut the jeans with a pair of scissors right below the knee. If you want a cuffed look, cut a few inches longer. (Many pants and jeans I just stop at this step, and skip to step 5, but for a more distressed look follow the instructions below.)



3. Use a box cutter knife and start making slashes in whatever design you desire. Make sure to place a piece of cardboard on the inside of the jeans so you don't cut the other side.


4. Use the knife to distressed different parts of the jeans. Stop here and skip to step five if you don't want a bleached look.


5. Place jeans on an angle in the sink as shown below. Spill bleach over the sink on the leg of jeans if this look is desired. Don't bother doing it to the back as it will naturally get bleached when pouring it in the front of the pants. Lightly rinse and leave outside under the sun until the desired bleach color is accomplished.


6. Wash twice in a row. Place in dryer afterwards.

Finished look!!