Disney world Tips And Special Accommodations No One Ever Tells You About

We just came back from our trip to Disney World. We usually go every year and this year we only visited Magic Kingdom. Not only do I feel like I see and do new things every time I visit the parks, but I also learn new tips every year I go as well. This year I learned a few things I would have never known prior to this trip.

1. There are peak dates at Disney that you should be aware of before booking your trip. I knew about peak dates but did not bother checking because it was the beginning of March and didn’t think they would be too busy. Well, the park was actually packed and apparently many states, including Florida have Spring break for the kids in March (our Spring break is in April). Also, Disney increases their ticket prices during peak dates. Luckily, we missed the price increase by just a few days. Disney is already expensive enough and these crowd control price increases are quite high. Google “Disney peak dates” to find out when they are and compare with your planned dates.

2. Disney makes special accommodations for guests with disabilities, including cognitive disabilities and Autism. You are able to rent scooters in the parks or can rent them privately which comes out much cheaper than renting them at the park. If you google “scooter rental in Orlando”, you will get a few companies and can call each one to compare prices. We did that for my mom’s scooter and a rental stroller as ours did not fit in the van. The company delivered it right to our Resort and picked them up at the end of our stay.

If the guest needs to remain in a stroller due to a disability, you are able to go to the park’s guest relations lobby and obtain an identifying tag so cast members know the stroller is qualified to stand in lines and receive special accommodations.

In addition, guests who are unable to stand in line for long periods of time due to a disability are able to use the FastPass service for most rides and attractions. Because of my mom’s condition, we would go up to the cast mate at the end of the line and explained that my mom was in a scooter. They would then give us a Fastpass ticket and would schedule a time for us to come back so that we wouldn’t have to stand in line. This is true for both rides, shows and attractions.

3. For those with babies/toddlers who cannot go into certain rides, Disney has a rider switch program. So pretty much everyone in your party will go into the line and go on a ride with the exception of the baby and the adult staying with the baby. Before you go in, stop and let a cast member know that your family would like to take advantage of the rider switch program. They will either hand you something for identification or will just remember you. When the ride is over, the person who stayed with the baby will be able to skip the line with up to two more people, and everyone else will wait with the baby until the ride is over. If you are taking advantage of the disabled FastPass program, you can still take advantage of the riders switch program. Just make sure you let the cast member know of all of the accommodations needed before you enter the line.

4. The Super Target in Orlando is very much catered to tourists and have a huge section in the store of Disney merchandise. Not only do they have super cute merchandise such as shirts, hats, etc., but they also have cute souvenirs at pretty good prices. For now on I will just do all of my Disney shopping at Target when I get to Orlando.

I hope you find these tips helpful. For more Disney tips check out my two other blog posts, Disney on a Small Budget and 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Know on My First Trip To Disney.

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