Couple's Weekend Getaway: Chicago Illinois

My husband and I just came back from a weekend in Chicago. Although we were there for his work, we decided to turn it into a Pre-Valentine Day getaway for ourselves. It is very hard for us to get time alone due to our little ones, so we take full advantage of it when we are able to get it.

Let me start by saying that Chicago is a perfect weekend getaway for couples. There is so much to do and we had a very short amount of time. The hardest part was trying to decide what we would do out of all the choices we had. FYI, I highly recommend you look on Groupon for entertainment and things to do, for some great packages and deals.

Our drive from Western Mass to Chicago was about 15 hours long. We packed up a small weekend bag and stopped at the grocery store for drinks, snacks and fruit. We wanted to drive straight with very minimal stops, plus food and drinks in the highway stops are way over priced, so this worked out perfectly.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Chicago. We were able to get this hotel, in an excellent spot in the center of Chicago for a great price. Because we were there in the morning and check in was not until the evening, I called to inquire about early check in and they were able to accommodate us at 7am with no additional charge. The stay also included breakfast which was a plus.



The hotel rooms are small but cute, almost like a boutique style hotel with contemporary decor. The size did not  bother us at all and the view from our 14th floor room was amazing. The only negative with staying in the center of Chicago is that parking is very expensive. We paid $46 to park our car for 24 hours. Also, anywhere you go, I recommend you either walk it or take an Uber, because parking anywhere for even an hour is very expensive.



After waking up from a nap, we took an Uber to the 360 Chicago Observatory. It really was not far from where we were, and we could have walked, but I forgot my coat and was freezing so we decided to take an Uber. There are a couple of different city observatory towers you can go to, and each a little different from each other. However, we decided to go to this one because it had a Tilt experience that my husband really wanted to do.



The Tilt is literally a corner of the floor/windows that tilts slightly over, as you hold on to handle bars for what seems like dear life, to look down into the city. My husband did it alone because I was way too chicken to do it.



After we were done there, we went out and started walking around. The first thing we did was go into a huge H&M to get me a coat and gloves. Even though it was freezing, we were pretty distracted from the cold with everything there is to see. There is a Starbucks in literally every block. Also, there are tons of stores for shopping, restaurants and bars as well. The architecture and the buildings are all so pretty, it really made for a fun walk.

We then walked to Millennium Park which was really cute to take pictures in and there is also an ice skating ring.




At around 5:30pm we started walking back as we wanted to have dinner and watch the Superbowl closer to our hotel. We had dinner at Giordano's and ordered Chicago's popular deep dish pizza. I loved that they have an option to create your own with whatever ingredients you choose.

We called it a night after the Superbowl as my husband had a work obligation very early that morning, and then had to travel back home. We absolutely want to go back. Although it was nice in the winter, I really want to go in the summer so that we can enjoy some better views, the Navy Pier, the water taxi's and maybe even catch a comedy show. We shall see you later Chicago!


Miri <3