Eye-Catching Cakes That Won't Break The Piggy Bank

I love big detailed cakes for my boy's birthday parties. I feel that the cake can really make a difference in the decor of a party. I also know that big, themed, detailed cakes can be very expensive.

When I first started throwing parties, my cakes would range between $100-$200. For a kid's birthday cake, that is a lot of money. But I really wanted nice cakes that tied into the theme of the parties. Not only was I spending too much money on them, but because I wanted big cakes, half of it would end up in the trash because it was simply too much. Now I have my bakers make dummy, or partial dummy cakes, and I spend probably a 4th to 1/2 of what I use to spend!

This  was his first birthday cake, time really does fly! 



Dummy cakes are cakes made out of foam and real fondant. Essentially, the inside is fake, the outside is real. I do this for small events where we are serving cupcakes or a cake is just not necessary.

For my son's 4th birthday party we used a full dummy cake because it was at a hot, windy, sandy beach, and so it didn't make sense to have a real cake sitting out there melting away and collecting sand.



Partial dummy cakes are cakes where some layers are dummy and others are real cake. I do this when I want multi layered big cakes for decor purposes but don't have a need for that much cake. Note, the cakes below all have a layer or two dummy and a layer of real cake. Can you tell the difference? I sure couldn't and neither did my guests!


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