Rainbow Baby Coming Soon...

So, If you are reading this I’m assuming you already know the news that we are expecting our rainbow baby who is due In October 2019.

I have been extremely MIA, but the truth is that first trimester was really hard on me. Let’s just say that having babies in your 30’s feels much more difficult than having them in your 20’s. I had been really sick, extremely tired, and somehow gained super smelling powers that temporarily turned me into a vegetarian and kept me sick all day long (morning sickness? More like all day sickness). I’m so glad to be feeling much better and report that I can now eat meat again, but let’s continue to keep the chicken away! 

Anyways, the boys and hubby are all super exited to be expecting our little peanut. I have to confess though that pregnancy after miscarriage was very difficult for us. We found out on Valentine’s Day that we were expecting our best Vday gift ever. Hubby and I decided from there that we would keep it a secret from everyone because we didn’t want to deliver any more bad news. Even though we were happy, that happiness was over taken by anxiety and fear, and we didn’t want to get our hopes up because we felt like it wasn’t a guarantee. 

Because of our history, I had to go through multiple blood testing and early ultrasounds to ensure that we were carrying a healthy pregnancy. During the first ultrasound, the tech told us that she couldn’t see anything but it must have been because our dates were a bit off and it was too early. Although I wanted to keep faith, my heart sank because it was the same exact thing I was told during the first ultrasound of my last pregnancy. 

We had to wait two more weeks and those two weeks felt like an eternity. Finally, at my next appointment, not only did we see a baby, but we also saw a strong, healthy heart beat and my heart almost exploded with joy.  

Anyone who would have seen my husband and I leaving the clinic would have probably thought we had hit the lottery because our smiles literally went from ear to ear. I then went to my mom’s and picked up the boys and met hubby at a a restaurant for breakfast where we told them the news. 

At first, Lennox seemed unbothered (which later changed to him basically calling the baby ugly along with some other things) and Jax was annoyed. Jax explained that he didn’t want another baby who bit and scratched him like Lennox and I explained that the baby would most likely be doing that to Lennox and not him. As soon as I told him that, he changed his mind and has been happy about the baby ever since. The boys are both now really excited about the baby and both want the baby to be a girl. In fact, Lennox gets angry whenever anyone says it’s a boy because he insists it’s a girl.  

So that is it, that’s been my life the past few months and why I’ve been gone. My goal now that I’m starting to feel much better is to be a lot more active and hopefully try to bring you all some new content. Thanks for sticking around!

With love, 

Miri ❤️