Why You Should Use Airbnb On Your Next Trip

We just came back from a two week trip to Puerto Rico and we used Airbnb for our stay, not once, but twice. I just started using Airbnb last year because as many others, I too was scared of staying at someone else’s place. However, I have to say that I have yet to have a negative experience and the listings have been just as described. 

My favorite thing about Airbnb is that you can really plan your vacations on a tight budget and save a ton of money compared to staying at a hotel. In Puerto Rico, the first place we stayed at was in a single family house in Fajardo in a gated community. My family and I rented the house for seven nights and we really enjoyed being so close to a lot of the touristic areas we were visiting, while still having all of the amenities of a home. We divided the cost between all of us, and by staying at the Airbnb, we each payed for seven nights what we would have payed for just one night at a resort. Now that’s traveling on a budget! 

Check out the listing here, and see below for some of this listing’s photos.

We then spent the second week with my father and siblings in a small town in the center of Puerto Rico called Cidra. In the middle of the week, the boys were really missing the water and wanted to get in a pool. The morning of, I decided to check out a few listings on Airbnb and found one that was perfect! This listing was actually a Resort Villa that was owned by a member. The villas are adjacent to the Resort building and guests have access to all hotel amenities including pools, casino and restaurants.  

We had stayed at this resort a few years back when we visited Puerto Rico and had actually payed double per night for our stay. The cost of staying there through the Airbnb host vs. as a Resort guest saved us a little over 50% for the night! 

What I loved the most about this listing, besides being so budget friendly, was that the pools that were directly in front of the Villas, almost seem private as Resort guests go to other pools. Also, the hostess had an entire closet full of toys and water boards, etc. that the kids were able to enjoy!  

To check out this listing click here, and see below for some of this listing’s photos.

I recorded little tours of each of these listing on my stories on Instagram if you’d like to take a look. Check out my IG page here, and the stories are under the highlight titled PR Airbnb.   

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Below are some tips when checking out an Airbnb listing. 

1. Always read the details of the listing, including house rules. 

2. Keep in mind the initial price shown per night will go up once you go to book. The fees include a cleaning fee, booking fee, taxes etc.. I always act like I’m going to book so that I can see the final price and determine if it’s still affordable. 

3. Check out reviews, the more reviews the better and you can get a really good feel on the place and what they offer by reading the reviews. 

4. If you have any questions at all, feel free to message the host before booking to get all of your questions answered.