How To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship



I asked hubby today one of the questions that came up during my Instagram “Ask me Marriage advice” questioners. The question was, how do you keep the spark in the relationship? These were the answers we came up with...

1. Change things up often in your relationship. Even as small as wearing a different cologne, a shade of lipstick or going on a date to a new spot you have never been to.

2. Being married does not mean you don’t need to try anymore. Don’t let yourself go. We made this mistake in the first couple of years of our marriage and are now just getting back to taking care of ourselves, mind, body and soul.

3. Which brings me to... Don’t wait until you break up to want to change your look or have that “revenge body” we so often see happen. If we worked so hard to look just as good for our current partner as we would do to get a new partner, maybe you wouldn’t need a new partner to begin with!

4. Spent time alone! As important as it is to spend time together, just the two of you, without the kids, it is just as important to spent time apart from each other. Let the other person miss you a tad bit. 

5. Communicate your needs to each other. Let the other person know what you need in the relationship to be happy and ask them what their needs are. Don’t just talk about it either. Make sure you understand, make an action plan and execute.