My Very Own Fairy Tale: How I Met My Husband

Today, my husband and I are celebrating seven years of being married. It feels like we have been with each other our entire lives (almost 12 years to be exact), but it also feels like we just got married not too long ago.

My husband and I met our freshmen year in college in 2006. We were both from the same city, but went to different high schools. It's crazy because he thinks he may have seen me once on the bus on his way to school while in high school. I personally think that's too much of a coincidence. We were then accepted into the same University, 45 minutes away from home. During the summer before freshmen year, the university has freshmen pick from a list of dates to attend an orientation for a couple of days. Somehow, we ended up in the same orientation. However, we still did not technically meet there either. Jonathan asked me for an extra pencil once during orientation, and I was so caught up in filling out the little bubble sheet that I didn't even look up, I just said no and he walked away. Mind you, I didn't even know he was the guy until about a year after we started dating when he mentioned it. 

Now fast forward to about October 2006, and after a month of trying to fit in with the crowd in my dorm floor, I finally found my circle of friends, who I now consider family. Jonathan was also in that same circle of friends and we all became very close. He and I were friends, like real friends, for the first couple of months until one day he kissed me, "playing around", and I guess I liked the kiss because, well here we are.

What is even crazier, is that when I was in high school I was obsessed with romantic novels and was always reading. I remember very clearly one particular novel where the book was both narrated by the man and woman, and they each gave their sides of their romantic story. In this book, (I wish I remembered the title) they both were on very different paths but yet so close, and for a couple of years they kept crossing paths and were so close to each other but they never physically met. Kind of  in the same way as the show, How I met Your Mother was during the last couple of seasons. Well in the end, their paths finally crossed. They met, fell in love and lived happily ever after. I remember thinking how romantic that was and always dreaming of the day I met my true love.

I know this sounds super cheesy, but I really think that our paths were always meant to cross and we were always meant to meet each other. I can't imagine my life without him, even on the days he drives me crazy, and I am so incredibly blessed to have met the man of my dreams at such an early age. Happy Anniversary hubby! Love always, your wife. <3