DIY Mickey Modern Monochrome Themed Party

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A week ago we celebrated Lennox’s 2nd bday. His birthday fell on Saturday, and although we were leaving for Disney that same afternoon, I couldn’t pass his birthday without singing and celebrating him first. Initially, I really only wanted to cut a cake for him, but the planner in me couldn’t just plan a small gathering with cake so I threw in a little decor, sweets and an arts and crafts project.


Because we were going to Disney World, I wanted the party to be Mickey inspired but my heart was also set on a black and white monochrome theme. I decided to mix the two themes and loved how everything came out.



I found all of my ideas on several different Pinterest boards by searching mickey theme party, monochrome theme party, and mickey black and white modern party. I find that when searching for ideas, you really need to try a few different search options to get the best results.

I really did keep it pretty simple using a white tablecloth, this black and white banner from party city that I had lying around and this tassel banner from Target I purchased online. I added a black number two balloon and simple black and white balloon bouquets on the sides, and changed my living room curtains to match the theme.



I loved how my sweets and cakes turned out by one of my bakers. I took a few different ideas, from several cakes I found, to fit more of the style I was looking for.

I baked the cupcakes myself using red velvet cake mix on black and white cupcake wrappers. My sister iced the cupcakes using a ziplock bag and then I added the mini Oreos to represent the mickey ears, super cute and affordable.



The pretzels were made using my chocolate covered pretzel instructions (see more here) with black and white chocolate melt.



The black plates and white stands were purchased at the dollar tree along with the clear trays. I then neatly placed the Oreo cookies and donuts on the trays. Nox loves donuts and oreo cookies so he was all over them before the party even started.



This LED board light up box was purchased at Target (click here for direct link) and I plan on using it now in the boy's room for decor. The monochrome Mickey was purchased on Ebay. I really wished it was bigger but it still worked out.



As for food, I kept it simple and served pizza and wings. I purchased these cute black and white paper goods at target. The black dinner plates, stripe dinner plates, snack plates, paper straws, cups and napkins were exactly what I was looking for.



I kept the appetizer table within theme and purchased these pdf signs on Etsy and printed them out.



For the goody bags, I purchased these stripe black and clear favor bags, stuffed them with candy and tied them with black ribbon. I then purchased these PDF thank you tags from Mandy at Inspired Moment Studio. Mandy is very sweet and created these custom cards for me. I told her what I was looking for and she sent me a couple of options to choose from. I was very happy with the results.



For the arts and crafts project, I found this idea on Pinterest. I went to the dollar tree and purchased black poster boards, glue, pipe cleaners and different things to decorate it with. My cousin then traced the template onto a regular printer paper and then cut the ears out on the poster board. After the kids were done decorating them, we hole punched the sides and tied the pipe cleaners on and measured it to the kid’s heads. I love how this project turned out and the kids really enjoyed making their custom Mickey ears.


For Lennox's outfit, I also kept it pretty simple and within theme with black distressed jeans, black sneakers and this adorable shirt (click here for direct link). I had purchased the cutest Mickey ears on Etsy with a crown and a number 2, and well, my dog got a hold of it and chewed it all up within hours of receiving it, so i put these ears on instead that I found at Once Upon A Child.