Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Halloween is right around the corner, and If you are like many moms, you have probably left costume shopping for the last minute. Halloween marks the start of the festive season. You know that same season that gets us parents all stressed out, trying to come up with budget plans to be able to afford all that is to come in the next two months.

Halloween, although not as stressful as Christmas, can still be expensive, especially when you have multiple children.   I have a few budget friendly tips to hopefully help relieve some of that stress and help you find costume options for your children that are both fun and affordable.  


1. DYI easy costumes right out of their own closet.  If you do need to go out and buy something, let it be something they can use over and over again rather than a costume they are only going to use once. 

Here we used  old clothes and cut them up for the zombie and purchased a $1 face paint kit from the Dollar Tree. The cut up vest is also from the dollar tree and it’s a pirate vest but we turned it inside out and made it work. For the witch, she wore all black clothes and an old witch hat we had lingering around from a prior year with a red lip and a black beauty mark right from our makeup bag. The scarecrow’s costume came right out of her closet and we added a hat from our closet and face paint from the dollar tree. Also if you are wondering, the little scarecrow is also from the Dollar Tree. The toddler nerd’s costume came right out of his closet as well, and the glasses are old sunglasses that were scratched up. I popped out the lenses and added a piece of white paper with tape to the middle. We then added a few black dots to resemble freckles. These costumes were actually all of our favorites and were the simplest to come up with! 


2.  Speaking of Dollar Tree, they have some great options for costumes as well and for only $1 per accessory.

The cowboy hat, cat’s tail, bow tie and ears, lady bug’s skirt and wings and the pirate’s vest, cap, and accessories (eye patch, knife and necklace) were all purchased from the dollar tree. Everything else came right out of their closets. 


3. Dig deep into their play bins and take out some of their pretend play costumes they already have. Don’t ask them what do they want to be, instead tell them they can choose one of their play costumes and let them know they can wear it out for Halloween. Being aloud to go out with a costume a lone is a lot of fun, and really all they want. 



At at the end of the day the kids just want to have fun and they really don’t need a lot to do so. Don’t give them too many options by asking them what they want. Instead, give them a list of options that you have come up with and have them pick from those options.

Our kids had so much fun doing this photo, shoot, dressing up and changing up their costumes. I’m sure your kids will also have a great Halloween regardless of what they are. Let’s take the pressure off ourselves this season and make it fun instead! Happy Halloween!